Monday, August 28, 2017

The MISTAKE that Most Christian Believers Make

There is one a big mistake
that most Christian believers make and that is, they never become
disciples, never become followers of Jesus Christ. Most believers,
after they have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, they become
religious. They join a church and they start working for the church,
but they do not work their relationship with Jesus. Others believe
that they have to abandon everything, quit their job, and go after
Jesus, but they do not know Jesus yet. They do not know His ways.
They do not know His voice, they have not been taught how to follow
The disciples that Jesus
first called went after Him. They did not go out preaching and trying
to win the world. They followed Jesus and He taught them His ways and
it was only after He had qualified them and that He sent them out. We
are called to follow Jesus. Jesus said:"Follow me." We have
to work our relationship with Jesus. Firstly we have to obey His
commands, repent and be baptized in water, live our lives the way
that Jesus commanded. Live according to His words. Live holy and
righteous, seek Him with all our heart and He will reveal Himself to
us. He will teach us and He will guide us. He promised to give the
Holy Spirit in those who seek Him, those who truly love Him, and the
Holy Spirit will teach and guide them in all things.
Most believers never
follow Jesus. Very few believers obey Jesus. Very few repent of their
sin, repent of their own futile ways, repent of a thinking the
worldly way, and living according to the words of Jesus. Very few get
baptized in water, as He commanded and even fewer receive the baptism
of the Holy Spirit. Of those who receive the baptism in the Holy
Spirit, very few follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They start
running after people. They become part of a group, a church, an
organization or they follow after some person that they regard as
spiritual, but they are not following Jesus Christ. They all make the
same mistake. They do not go after Jesus. They do not work their
relationship with Jesus, they do not get to know His voice and they
do not follow Him.
Others are serious, they
start seeking Jesus in prayer and in fasting, they receive dreams and
revelations and then they jump to conclusions. Often they run after
their revelations or revelations that they have heard from others and
they are disillusioned. Their life falls to pieces and they blame
God, but they did not stay with Jesus. We have to go after Jesus.
Seek Him with all our heart, clean up our life, live according to His
words; live holy, righteous, seek His approval, seek to hear His
voice. We are not called to change the world and convert the world,
we are called to be witnesses of Jesus. We can only be a witness of
Jesus if we know Him, if our life testifies of Jesus, that the world
can see that we are changed, we have not just taken on religion but
we have become like Jesus.
We can only testify for
Jesus if we have a real relationship with Him. Anybody can go to a
Bible School, become indoctrinated, and then start preaching, start
his own church, start his own organization. That is the way of the
world, the way of the worldly Church; that is not the way of Jesus
Christ. It is not about proselyting and building churches. The gospel
of Jesus Christ is about being disciples and making disciples of
Jesus Christ, walking with Jesus every day in your situation, where
He has called you, getting to know His voice and then, if we cleanse
ourselves of unrighteousness and we make ourselves available for
Jesus, in His time He will use us. He might send us, He might tell us
to go somewhere. He might tell us to go to a different country, or to
a different city, but we have to follow Him. We have to be sure that
we heard from Jesus. We must not look for human sponsors or an
organization or an infrastructure. Our walk must be with Jesus
Christ. If that walk with Jesus is not real, then we are only
fooling ourselves.
Some people abandon
everything; they abandon their responsibilities their wife their
children, their debts, that is not what Jesus called us for. We have
to take care of our responsibilities. We cannot just irresponsibly
leave everything. That is not of the Lord. He calls us to live
righteously in this world, to live according to His words, to be led
by His Spirit. Always go back to Jesus, always ask Jesus. Keep on
praying, keep on seeking Him. Keep on trusting Him, keep on expecting
Him. If you're not sure, go back to Jesus. Our duty is to bring glory
to Jesus, and to be pleasing to Him. We can only be pleasing to
Jesus, if we receive feedback, confirmation from Him, we hear His
His sheep listen to His
voice and they follow Him. They are not trying to win the world. They
are not trying to preach to everybody. They just want to be pleasing
to the Master and the only way to do that is to be led by the Holy
Spirit, to walk with Jesus day by day. Most believers never come into
that close relationship with Jesus. They get drawn away by other
things and in the end they will stand before Jesus and He will say to
them:"Go way I never knew you." Many will say: "But
Lord but I built churches for you and I preached the gospel and I did
so many things," and He will say:"But you were never with
Me. You maybe did things that you thought were for Me but you did not
follow Me."
Do we know Jesus?
How is our relationship with Him or are we just being religious? Or
are we following after other people, following after our mind? We can
only please Jesus if we are led by the Holy Spirit day by day, moment
by moment. It is all about following Jesus Christ. Are we following
Jesus Christ? Do we know His voice? Do we listen to Him? Are we doing
and what is pleasing to Him and are we receiving confirmation from
Him that we are in His will? Do we have a real relationship with the
Living God, Jesus Christ?
May Jesus bless you.

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