Friday, August 11, 2017

Never give up

We must never give up on
going after Jesus and doing what is pleasing to Him. This world is
full of quitters and losers and hell will be full of losers. There
will be many people in hell that once followed Jesus Christ but they
got distracted, they gave up. Eternal life is for those who endure
with Jesus until the very end.
We will have many
distractions and stumbling blocks. We will have a much difficulty in
this life. If we want to succeed we have to stay focused on Jesus and
keep going. If we stumble we need to repent, get up get back to
Jesus, get back to doing what is pleasing to Him. What matters is not
how you started but how you finish. Those who wish to enter the
kingdom of heaven will have much tribulation. They will be tempted
and tried but it is only those who stay with Jesus until the very
end. It is a lonely road, it is a difficult road. It is a road that
you can only complete if you go with Jesus Christ. They are not many
people on that road, so do not look to other people but stay focused
on Jesus. If you stumble today, then repent, get on your knees, ask
Jesus forgiveness and get back to following Him. We need to follow
Jesus one day at a time. Do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will
have enough of its own trouble and tomorrow will take care of itself,
if we just stay with Jesus. Remember, practice makes perfect, but
there are no prizes for losers or quitters.
We need to stay focused on
Jesus, never give up. If you pray and things do not work out as you
expected, just trust in Jesus. Keep on trusting because He is
faithful. We need to learn to trust in Jesus, even though things look
impossible, because He is the God of the impossible. It is impossible
to find the entrance into heaven by ourselves, but if we follow Jesus
and stay with Him, He will guide us every step of the way. If we
quit, then we have given up. Jesus said:" He who puts his hand
to the plow and looks back is not worthy of Me. We need to keep on
going, never give up follow Jesus, endure with Him until the very
end, because Jesus said those who endure until the end they will be
saved. Don't give up. Follow Jesus today and every day until the very
end, one day at a time.
May Jesus bless you.

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