Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blind Faith

To follow Jesus Christ requires BLIND FAITH. If you can see something, feel it, describe it why do you still believe IN IT? Most people will NOT follow Jesus because Jesus Christ is not real to them but without faith it is impossible to please God. You have to BELIEVE, and you have to TRUST Him although you cannot SEE Him and then you will see His handiwork in the physical. You will see things happening in your life in the physical.
Our relationship with Jesus Christ is not a physical relationship, it is a spiritual relationship. That is why you must be BORN AGAIN so that you can PERCEIVE Jesus Christ and the kingdom of Heaven in your SPIRIT. If you are not born again of the Spirit of God then you will not follow Jesus, then the kingdom of Heaven will not be real to you and Jesus Christ will not be real to you.
You need to be SPIRITUALLY REBORN and then you will follow Him in BLIND FAITH, He will reveal Himself to you in the natural, the physical. You will see the hand of God, you will receive wisdom, knowledge, guidance, discipline IN YOUR SPIRIT. And when He guides you, you will follow Him WITHOUT QUESTION because you BLINDLY TRUST Him.
Is Jesus Christ REAL to you? Will you BLINDLY FOLLOW Him? Or does common sense and your senses rule you? Do you want confirmation from physical things, from your bible, from other people or is Jesus Christ more real to you than the physical? Do you really KNOW Him and will you BLINDLY follow Him? If you don't, you don't have faith, then Jesus Christ is not real to you.
If you SEEK Him, OBEY Him, REPENT of sin, be BAPTIZED IN WATER and seek Him He will REVEAL HIMSELF TO YOU and you will have SPIRITUAL PERCEPTION. But then IN FAITH you have to daily deny yourself pick up your cross and BLINDLY FOLLOW Him where He guides you.

May Jesus bless you.

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