Monday, September 30, 2013

To be like him

People go to great lengths and huge expense to be like the the person that they are following, that person that they idolize. Young people want to be like Justin Bieber. They go into a frenzy when they go to His concerts and they pay huge amounts of money to wear Justin Bieber brand clothes. It is because they idolize Him, they want to be like him and they follow him.
If we follow Jesus Christ we will do everything in our power to be like Him. Jesus Christ came to do the will of the Father. Jesus Christ was the expression, the image, of God the Father. That is the IMAGE THAT WE MUST ASPIRE TO to be pleasing to God. If we truly love Jesus and God is our father then we will want to be like Jesus, speak like Him, do like Him, always ask the will of the Father so that we can be pleasing to our Father God.
Who is our idol? Who are we aspiring to be like? Some worldly person, who will also perish like we will, or are we sons of the Father? Do we want to be like Jesus, follow Him and have eternal life? Who is our idol? Who is our role model? Who are we following? Because we will end up with that person in the end.
If we follow Jesus, we will spend eternity with Him. If we follow others we will perish with them. Jesus Christ ALONE is the WAY to eternal life. Who are YOU following? Jesus, or someone else?

May Jesus bless you.

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