Monday, September 9, 2013

Repent AND be Baptized OR YOU WILL PERISH

Jesus Christ commanded that all those who follow Him must REPENT and BE BAPTIZED in water. He commanded the disciples to preach the gospel and all those who HAVE BELIEVED and HAVE BEEN BAPTIZED will be saved but those who have not believed will be condemned. (Mark 16:16)
If you want eternal life you have to OBEY Jesus Christ. You HAVE TO REPENT and you HAVE TO be BAPTIZED IN WATER.
I was baptized at the age of five on my own insistence. The church that my parents attended at the time refused to baptize me, they said I was too young. But I said to the pastor:”If you refuse to baptize me and I die and I end up in hell, then you will be to blame.” So they baptized me.
There will be NO EXCUSE for anybody who disobeys Jesus Christ. If you want eternal life you have to OBEY Jesus Christ. He said:”If you love me, OBEY My commands, DO WHAT I SAY.” If you want eternal life you have to REPENT, STOP SINNING, be BAPTIZED IN WATER, FOLLOW and OBEY Jesus Christ, ASK Him for the Holy Spirit to be with you, to GUIDE you and to TEACH you, but you have to FOLLOW Him and OBEY Him.
If you believe in Jesus Christ you will OBEY Him and DO what He commanded us to do, or else YOU WILL PERISH.

May Jesus bless you.

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