Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NOT what Jesus did on the cross

Many people have been deceived into believing that salvation is about trusting in what Jesus Christ did on the cross. That is a lie from satan. It is not about what Jesus Christ did on the cross, it is about US denying OURSELVES, picking up our cross and following Jesus Christ until the very end.
Jesus said that “Whomever wishes to come after Me must deny himself, pick up HIS cross and follow Me until the very end.” Salvation is about believing WHO Jesus is, (HE IS LORD, HE IS KING OF KINGS, HE IS LORD OF LORDS), and then OBEYING Him and SERVING Him as LORD, OBEYING His words. He said:”If you love Me keep My commandments.” REPENT AND BE BAPTIZED.
Many people have been told it is not necessary to be baptized in water. That is a lie from satan! If you disobey Jesus you will perish. If you want eternal life you have to OBEY Jesus Christ and SERVE HIM AS LORD. Do not let anybody influence you to disobey Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ IS eternal life, OBEY HIM.
It is not about what He did, it is about what YOU do. YOU have to follow Jesus Christ and OBEY Him until the very end. They asked Jesus whether few are being saved and He said to them:”STRIVE HARD to enter the narrow gate because many, I tell you, will try and not be able. How hard are we trying? Are you OBEYING Jesus Christ? Are you striving with every bit of power that is in you to obey Jesus? Because if you don't, you won't make it.

It is not about what Jesus did, it is about what YOU do, whether YOU obey Jesus and DO what is pleasing to Him. May Jesus bless you.

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