Monday, September 2, 2013

Small minds

Most people live in a confined little world. It is about THEIR circumstances, THEIR race, THEIR country, THEIR opinion, THEIR church, THEIR preservation, they live in a very small world that centers around themselves. Jesus Christ said that UNLESS YOU ARE BORN AGAIN you cannot SEE the kingdom of God.
If you are born of the Spirit of God then you become part of God's UNIVERSE. You are not confined to your own small world any more. You don't think in terms of ME and MINE, OURS, US and everything about my small little world but we start seeing things in terms of the kingdom of God. We care for HIS Kingdom for HIS people. We get an Universal outlook on life because we can see the kingdom of God. We can see that God cares for everybody, God loves everybody and therefor we also have to LOVE our neighbor, CARE for others, DO unto them as we wish them to do unto us. We care for God's UNIVERSE. Have you become part of the Kingdom of God? Are you born again or are you still confined to YOUR little world, YOUR beliefs, YOUR church, YOUR circumstances? Are you still confined? Or has Jesus Christ set you free? Are you living in HIS world and does HE determine your life?

May Jesus bless you.

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