Friday, September 13, 2013

You have to cross the bridge

I dreamed of a long bridge over a large body of water but then somebody came and they built a new layer on top of this bridge. This layer was narrower than the original bridge. It was so wide that one car could just about fit on top of it (originally two cars), but the layer did not cover the entire length of the bridge. It was too short. As I walked on this layer I saw that parts of it was crumbling. This bridge was now useless. Somebody said to me:”This bridge is still good.” I said to him:”Have you seen what happens when a car drives into the water?”
I woke up and I prayed about the dream. I said:”Lord what is the meaning of this dream?” I clearly heard these words:”They REFUSE to be baptized in water.” I clearly understood the message.
Many people refuse to be baptized in water. They are using a bridge that will not take them to the other side. If you disobey Jesus and you refuse to be baptized in water you will not progress any further in your relationship with Jesus and you will not have eternal life. You will not enter the kingdom of Heaven.

May Jesus bless you.

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