Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Deliverance and Healing Ministries A BIG SCAM

There are many preachers, individuals and churches that claim to have so called deliverance and healing ministries. That is all a scam, a lie. The only ONE who saves, who delivers and who heals is Jesus Christ. If you want to be delivered and set free, then GO TO JESUS. SUBMIT YOURSELF TO HIM. Obey HIM and He will deliver you, He will set you free and He will give you VICTORY over sin, addictions and the wiles of the devil.
Without Jesus we can do nothing. It is our walk with Jesus, daily denying ourselves, picking up our cross, following and OBEYING HIM that gives us freedom and victory. Without Jesus we are LOST. Without Jesus we have no hope. Do not put your hope in a person. “Cursed is the man who puts his trust in mankind and turns away from the Lord his God.”Jeremiah 17:5.

Put your focus on Jesus, obey Him and serve Him and He will set you free, KEEP you free and He will give you the victory. May Jesus bless you.

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