Sunday, September 8, 2013

OBEDIENCE resulting in Salvation

The kingdom of God is about DOING THE WILL OF GOD, being obedient to Jesus unto death. That is why Jesus taught us to pray:”Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done...” If we want eternal life we must SUBMIT to the will of God. We will learn obedience through what we suffer. Jesus Christ, although He was a son, learned obedience through what He suffered.
If you follow Jesus Christ you will have to SUBMIT TO THE WILL OF GOD all the time. It will be HIS WAY and NOT YOUR WAY, at HIS TIME and NOT at YOUR TIME, whatever HE WANTS not what You want. You will learn to OBEY Him through what you suffer. That is how we learn obedience, through suffering. Things will never work out the way that YOU want them to work out or expect them to work out. You will learn long-suffering (patience). That is what the kingdom of God is about.
God's way is the ONLY WAY and that WAY is Jesus Christ alone. LISTEN to Him, FOLLOW Him and OBEY Him regardless of anything else. He will make you CHOOSE. You will have to choose HIS WAY all the time. You will have to DENY yourself and go HIS WAY if you want to enter the kingdom of Heaven and have eternal life.

May Jesus bless you.

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