Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Filthy Works

Many believers think that they can buy God's favor by their works, by their Bible study, their church attendance, their support to their favorite charity, the money that they give to the church, supporting the church bazaar, going to the fellowship meetings. They think that it pleases God that they attend Christian fellowship and that they do praise and worship and dancing in the church, participating in the church activities. Those are FILTHY WORKS.
God is not interested in those works. God is interested in one thing only and that is in OBEDIENCE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Jesus said:”If you love Me OBEY MY WORDS” Jesus wants OBEDIENCE not sacrifice. He does not want your money nor the things that YOU want to GIVE to Him, the sacrifices YOU want to make. What is important to Jesus is that we OBEY HIM and give to Him the HONOR and the RESPECT and the OBEDIENCE that is due to Him, that we SERVE Him as LORD and MASTER. Our filthy works cannot buy the favor of God. God wants OBEDIENCE.

Are we serving God with REVERENCE and FEAR? Do we OBEY the words of Jesus. That is what is pleasing to God. May Jesus bless you.

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