Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Greater than Jesus Christ

Many people say that they believe in Jesus Christ but very few serve Him as Lord and Master. If Jesus is Lord and Master then He is greater than everything and anything in your life, then you regard Him above all things, then He is MASTER.
To many believers, many other things are greater than Jesus, their government, their wife, their husband, their own priorities, their opinion, their country, their pastor, their doctor, many other things are greater to them than Jesus Christ. If anything is greater to us than Jesus Christ then He is NOT our Lord and Master and we are not serving Him and He will also reject us.
If we do not serve Him as LORD and MASTER then we do not belong to HIM and we do not belong to HIS KINGDOM. If we do not give HIM the RESPECT and REVERENCE that is due to Him then Jesus Christ is not the greatest in our lives and we are not part of the Kingdom of Heaven and we will not enter His Kingdom, we will not have eternal life.
Is Jesus Christ greater than everything in YOUR life and in mine?

May Jesus bless you.

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