Saturday, September 21, 2013


Many people eagerly start out following Jesus Christ but very few are willing to go all the way and endure until the end. Jesus' disciples were also often tempted to leave Him. We read in John 6 when Jesus said to them:”If you do not eat My body and drink My blood” most of them wanted to leave Him. And Jesus said to the twelve:”Don't you also want to leave Me?” Peter said:”Lord, where will we go to? You have the words of eternal life.”
Even Peter himself swore, He said:”Lord I will go with You all the way, even until death, I will die for You” but he denied Jesus three times. When Jesus was led away to be crucified all His disciples deserted Him. He was all by Himself, all alone, they had all left Him. It was only afterwards, after they had received the Holy Spirit that most of them went on to die for Him.
If we do not go WITH Jesus and follow Him ALL THE WAY until the end, then it is all in vain. Jesus said:”Whoever puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not worthy of Me, is not worthy of the kingdom of God.” Many people are only willing to go with Jesus up to a point, for a short while. When they have to choose between Jesus and friends, popularity and acceptance of men, they choose their friends, they deny Jesus. When they have to choose to obey Jesus they stop following Him. When they have to choose to be baptized in water, they refuse! When they have to choose between friends, their wife, their husband, their children, their job and Jesus then they deny Jesus. They turn away from Him. They go after the things of the world. They rather go for the pleasures of the world than to obey Jesus Christ. They rather go for Bible study and church activities than to LISTEN to Jesus, PRAY, GO where He sends them, DO what He tells them to do. They are not willing to follow Jesus ALL THE WAY.
Many believers are UNFRUITFUL. We can only be fruitful if we remain IN Christ, if we are LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT and if we DO what Jesus himself tells us to do.
Very few are willing to go all the way, to LISTEN and to OBEY until the end. If we are not willing to go WITH Jesus ALL THE WAY until the end then we are not worthy of Him and everything that we have done, everything that we have given up, up to that point, is a waste, its all in vain! If we don't go all the way we will not enter the kingdom of heaven, we will not have eternal life.
Are you willing to go all the way and to endure until the very end, even until death? If you are not willing to endure you won't make it!

May Jesus bless you

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