Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When Jesus calls you

When Jesus calls you, you have to answer to the call and you have to go. You have to follow where He guides you and DO what He tells you to do. If you don't YOU WILL PERISH! Jesus called me and at first I did not go but He treated me harshly and He made me understand that if I do not answer the call He will cut me off.
Every tree that does not bear good fruit will get cut off. Every branch in Him that does not bear fruit will be cut off and burned. If we do not remain IN Jesus we cannot bear fruit. If we do not OBEY and FOLLOW Him we are not part of His kingdom, we are worthless and we will get CUT OFF.
Jesus spoke to me in many ways and He made me understand that if I do not answer the call He will cut me off. I had a heart attack in1998, and I died, and I found myself on my way to hell, even though I was a believer, even though I was baptized in water, baptized in the Holy Spirit but I was not following Jesus where He wanted to use me. In 2008 Jesus told me about the testimony of Mary K Baxter, It was not a man that told me, it was not a human. God Himself spoke to me. He said:”Heaven to hell Baxter.“ I found the testimony of Mary K Baxter and I heard how she told about people who were called by God and they did not answer the call, and THEY WERE IN HELL. THAT WOKE ME UP and I started following Jesus in ALL ERNESTY. I realized that if I do not go where He sends me and DO what He tells me to do, He will cut me off.
Jesus has called many people, they refuse to answer the call. THEY WILL PERISH! Others whom He called sold their services to church organizations, they became hirelings, because they did not believe and trust Jesus. They sold their services to a church organization and they speak the teachings and the words of the churches, THEY ARE NOT OBEYING JESUS. They are not serving Jesus, they are serving the churches, THEY ARE SLAVES OF MEN. THEY WILL GET CUT OFF if they do not repent and follow Jesus, and DO what HE tells them to do.
Jesus has called many, even those who are watching (reading/listening to) me now. Jesus called YOU, my friend. If you do not answer to the call and follow HIM, listen to HIM and OBEY HIM, He will reject YOU because when He called YOU would not answer. So YOU will also call and He will not answer. If you do not answer to the call, YOU WILL PERISH.
You cannot serve Jesus in your own merry way. You cannot plug Jesus into your life and your way of living. Either you follow Jesus, OBEY Him and DO what He tells you to do or He is not your LORD and your MASTER and He will reject you also like you rejected Him.
Jesus is calling YOU, NOW to follow Him. If you want eternal life, TRUST HIM, OBEY HIM and FOLLOW HIM. REPENT and BE BAPTIZED. Seek the baptism in the Holy Spirit, LISTEN to His voice and FOLLOW HIM. Seek Him with all your heart and He will guide you, but reject Him, refuse Him and you will perish.
Jesus is calling you. ANSWER NOW!

May Jesus bless you.

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