Saturday, December 27, 2014

Children also go to hell

Most people are going to hell and they are taking their children with them. Jesus Christ is the only WAY. The only way that you and your child will go into heaven is if you follow Jesus Christ. The only way that your child will be saved is if he KNOWS Jesus Christ and follows Him.
If you introduce your child to Jesus Christ then he will have an anchor in life, he will have a real father, he will have hope and a future, he will never be alone again, he will not need to give in to peer pressure, he only needs to seek to please Jesus Christ and Jesus will KEEP him, will GUIDE him and will give him eternal life. But you yourself need to know Jesus Christ before you can introduce your child to Jesus. If you and your child do not know and follow Jesus Christ you will both end up in hell.
Most parents are raising their children for hell because they do not introduce them to Jesus and they do not teach them to FOLLOW and OBEY Jesus Christ. Do you teach your children to follow and obey Jesus Christ or are you raising them for hell?

May Jesus bless you.

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