Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christian Pretenders only fool themselves

To be a Christian means to be a FOLLOWER of Jesus Christ. A Christian is a person who KNOWS Jesus Christ FOR REAL, who LIVES BY His words, who OBEYS Him and who GOES AFTER Him every day. Most professing Christians do not know Jesus Christ and they are not following Him, they are just fooling themselves.
If we follow Jesus Christ we live by HIS WORDS, we OBEY His words. His sheep LISTEN to His VOICE, they FOLLOW Him, they are LIKE HIM. Most professing Christians are like the rest of the world, they don't know Jesus. Maybe they read the Bible, some of them quote Bible verses but they do not obey the words of Jesus. They do not KNOW Him, they do not respect Him, they do not care for Him, they just think that they have got salvation because they know the Bible and they belong to a church. Jesus warned that He will say to many in that day that they die: “Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness.” If we follow Jesus Christ we DO HIS WORKS, we DO what He tells us to do, we are HIS SERVANTS. HIS disciples, we are LIKE HIM, we are not like the rest of the world.
Most Christians are just PRETENDERS and they will be very disappointed when Jesus turns them away and they end up in hell with the other hypocrites. Are you for real? Do you know Jesus Christ FOR REAL? Do you follow and obey Him? Do you live by HIS WORDS? Does He speak to you? Do you LISTEN to Him and FOLLOW Him or are you also deceiving yourself? Are you just a PRETENDER?
Get REAL, get to KNOW Jesus Christ, follow Him every day until the end or you WILL PERISH.

May Jesus bless you.

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