Friday, December 19, 2014

GROW UP be a man FIGHT or you will PERISH

Most Christian believers are spiritual babies who don't want to grow up and walk with Jesus. They want to be spoon fed, nursed and carried. They are like spoiled brats who want everything their way. They want to be served and taken care of, they think that God is their nursery mother. They are not ready for solid food. They want other people to feed them. They want to go and sit in a church and have a pastor or a preacher coach them and guide them and teach them. They look to people. They want to go to a church and have some spiritual father feed them, coach them. They are not ready for solid food, they are not ready to hear from Jesus Christ, they want everything their way because they are spiritual babies.
Most believers DIE spiritual babies, they stay dependent on other people. They never grow up to become mature men in Christ Jesus. They never start walking with Jesus, they never take responsibility for their own walk. They always blame other people, they blame God and they do not take what he gives them, they are not thankful, they do not follow Jesus Christ. They are spiritual parasites and in the end they perish. Most believers are heading for disaster because they are spiritually incapable, impotent and inefficient, they are destroyed by satan because they have no spiritual power. They never grew up, they never became men, they could not and would not defend themselves against the whiles of the devil, their whole life was about themselves.
If you want eternal life you will have to grow up and get into the walk. You have to face the battle every day and you have to walk the straight and narrow road, follow Jesus Christ every day. You have to win every battle, you have to conquer satan. YOU have to get up and get MOVING, YOU have to start following Jesus, YOU have to OBEY Him, YOU have to take responsibility for your own destiny, YOU have to DECIDE to follow and obey Jesus Christ, You have to stop sinning and to start FOLLOWING Jesus Christ. You cannot remain a spiritual baby, you have to grow up and become a man in Christ or else you will perish.

May Jesus bless you.

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  1. It's so understandable about born again as babies to grow up. To be honest, that message help me to keep walk to The Lord. When I started to pick up his cross since last Sunday, i started to see a lot of things that i didn't realize. God is teaching me. Thanks to you, Justice. Im grateful for The Lord sent you back to life to preach because I won't read your messages if you're not there.