Monday, December 22, 2014


Many believers seek the gifts of God, they want a token, they want proof of salvation, a ticket to heaven but Jesus calls us to WALK WITH HIM. He promised that He will make His Spirit dwell IN US, Him and the Father will come and live WITH US and He will reveal Himself TO US if we seek Him and we OBEY Him.
Jesus does not just want to give us a token, He wants us to WALK IN HIS FULLNESS. Jesus promised that those who believe in Him, who FOLLOW Him will do the works that He did and greater works, that is, when they walk in His FULLNESS, when they are led by His Spirit and they DO what His Spirit guides them to do.
We must not just look for the gifts, for a TOKEN but we must SEEK the FULLNESS of the Spirit of God in us. We must walk in His presence every moment.

May Jesus bless you.

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