Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Journey

Salvation is a RELATIONSHIP, a JOURNEY, a WALK with the SAVIOR in which you get to know Him better every day and you get closer to Him every day. Salvation is a journey that must endure until the very end, until the day that you die and you meet your Savior FACE TO FACE.
Most Christians never start the journey. Most Christians never get to know the Savior. Most Christians are just religious, they know the Bible but they do not know Jesus Christ, they don't know the Savior, they don't know His voice, they do not follow Him, they do not walk with Him day by day.
Have YOU found the Savior? Have you met Jesus Christ? Have you started that journey? Are you listening to His voice and following Him every day? Or do you not know Him yet? Many people believe they are SAVED but they don't know Jesus, they are not on that journey, they are not in that walk, they are DECEIVED.
Have you found Jesus Christ? Is your relationship with Him REAL? Do you get to know Him better every day? Is your life about Jesus Christ or do you not really know Him? If we seek Him, we find Him, not in a Bible, not in another country, not with other people. But when we bow our knees and humble ourselves before Him, call out to Him, then He reveals Himself to us.
Have you met the LIVING Jesus Christ? Has He revealed Himself to you? Have you started that journey with the Savior?

May Jesus bless you.

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