Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jesus wants YOU to speak to HIM

Many people believe that God only answers the prayers of some selected people, some special people, that is NOT TRUE. Jesus Christ loves ALL of us, He paid the price for ALL of us and He bought us with His blood. He is calling us to come to Him to speak to HIM.
Many people only want THINGS from God, they want healing, they want THEIR WAY, they want guidance in THEIR PLANS, they want a blessing, they want prosperity but they don't want Jesus. We need to WANT Jesus Christ HIMSELF because He IS everything.  Everything belongs to Him and if we are ONE with Jesus then we have need of nothing. He cares for us. He has a special plan for each of us, a FUTURE, an expectation, not just for now but for eternity. We want OUR DESIRES  but what we NEED is Jesus Christ. He is the WAY, He is the TRUTH, He is the LIFE. We must desire HIM. Some people want the baptism in the Holy Spirit, they think it is a qualification, it is NOT. Jesus Christ IS the SPIRIT, He is EVERYTHING. We must WANT more of Jesus. We must desire to be IN Him and WITH Him for eternity.
God does not just answer the prayers of OTHER PEOPLE, He answers EVERY child who seeks Him. Jesus wants YOU and me to speak to HIM. Don't look to other people. Go to Jesus, SEEK HIM and He will reveal Himself to you. The only ONE who can completely satisfy is Jesus Christ. Seek HIM and go to HIM yourself.
May Jesus bless you.

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