Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Do not comply

If you want to progress in this world you have to comply with the system. People are brainwashed since the day that they are born. Schools, universities, the media, everything is used to brainwash people to comply with this world's order.  But if you comply with this world and the things that are acceptable to the world then you do not comply with the Kingdom of God, you do not fit into the Kingdom of God.
We have all been brainwashed, we have all been made to conform to the likeness of this world and that makes us unsuitable for the Kingdom of Heaven. If we want to fit into the Kingdom of Heaven we have to comply with the values and the ways of Jesus Christ, with His teachings, with His guidance and then we will FIT OUT of this world. We need to question everything that we have been taught, even in religion people have to comply with the theology and the teachings of their church and then they FIT IN. Be careful when you start fitting in, be careful if you are not rejected and if people do not look at you as though there is something wrong with you because if you follow Jesus Christ  and you are part of the Kingdom of God then you DO NOT COMPLY, you do not fit into this world, you are different.
We have to be renewed by the renewal of our mind. But first our heart has to change, our spirit has to change, we have to be BORN AGAIN of the Spirit of God and then we are different people. Then we have to follow after the Spirit of God, we must let the Holy Spirit fill our mind and we must LISTEN to Him, FOLLOW Him and DO what is pleasing to HIM, then we are pleasing to God.  But then we will NOT COMPLY with this world, we will NOT FIT IN, we will not conform to the values of this world, that which is acceptable and that which people run after. We have to STRIVE to be pleasing to Jesus, we have to comply with HIS WORDS, we have to OBEY the Holy Spirit and then we will LIVE.
If we do not stay with Jesus and comply with HIM, we will perish. Do not comply with this world and the values of this world but seek Jesus, go after Him and comply with the values of the Kingdom of God.
May Jesus bless you.

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