Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hyped with LIES backed by Bible Scripture

Many believers are hyped up because they believe lies that are backed up by Bible scripture. They believe they are saved and they have eternal life because they have said some sinners prayer. They attend praise sessions in church and they go around telling people that they are saved but they don't know Jesus. They are not saved.
If you are drowning and you are saved then you are taken OUT OF the water. If you are in trouble and you are saved then you are taken OUT OF the trouble. If you are still IN SIN then you cannot be saved. If you are still in love with the world and the things of the world, if you are still in bondage of addictions to pornography and all kinds of wickedness then you cannot be saved! What are you saved from? Yet these people participate in the same sins as the rest of the world and they have a false expectation, an euphoria, they believe:”I am saved! I am going to heaven.” What are they saved from? They are not saved, they are deceived because they believe lies backed by Bible scripture. They will quote you scripture that “proves” their salvation, their security of salvation but they don't know Jesus Christ. They are just hyped up and deceived. If you follow Jesus you are not hyped up, you are SAVED FROM SIN, you are saved from the deception of this world, from the love of the world and the things of the world. You deny yourself every day and you go after Jesus. You don't go after the pleasures of sin and the pleasure of life. You go after Jesus, you SEEK Him, and you follow Him, you live in holiness and righteousness and you have the HOPE of SALVATION if you endure with Jesus until the end, if you do not go back to your former life style of sin, if you do not fall back into the same bondage that you used to be. Jesus will make you FREE FROM SIN if you follow Him but then you have to STAY FREE. You have to PRESERVE YOURSELF for Jesus, stay clean, stay pure, be holy, follow and obey Him to be SAVED. You have to SERVE Him with all your power and then you will be saved if you endure WITH HIM until the end. That is your HOPE and your EXPECTATION but there is NO GUARANTEE.
The guarantee is that He will never leave you, He will never forsake you but if you leave Him and if you deny Him, if you go back to sin then He will also deny you, He will reject you because then you have rejected Him and you are not worthy of Him,
There is no euphoria, no HYPE in following Jesus, it is HARD WORK, it is a NARROW ROAD, it is ENDURANCE until the very end. Are you following Jesus Christ on the NARROW ROAD or are you HYPED UP with LIES backed by Bible verses? Get REAL, get to know Jesus and follow Him every day until the very end. Then you will have the HOPE of salvation if you endure with Jesus until the end.

May Jesus bless you.

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