Friday, December 26, 2014

Get in step with Jesus Christ

We can only follow Jesus Christ if we KNOW what His plan for us is, if we know what is in HIS MIND for us to do. But if our mind is on our own affairs and on our own desires then we cannot follow Jesus Christ. We have to GET IN STEP with Jesus, we have to focus on Him, put our mind on Him, and then He will INSTILL, IMPLANT His mind, His thoughts in our mind and then we will KNOW what the WILL OF GOD is, then we can DO it.
The mind set on the flesh is DEATH but the mind set on Jesus Christ produces life, ETERNAL LIFE. We have to get IN STEP with Jesus and STAY IN STEP with Him. We need to have the MIND OF CHRIST to be able to do His will. We must TURN AWAY from sin and from our own thoughts, our own desires, and go after Jesus, put our mind on Jesus and FILL OUR MIND with His mind, His thoughts, His ways, His guidance.
Is our mind on the things of the world, on our own desires, or is our mind on Christ? Are we IN STEP with Jesus Christ? If we do not stay in step with Jesus and keep up with Him we cannot follow Him and we will not have eternal life. Get in step with Jesus Christ.

May Jesus bless you.

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