Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bible Experts BUT No knowledge of God

Never in history has there been as many
printed Bibles in the world. Never before in history have as many
people been literate. The Bible is available everywhere, on the
internet. There are many Bible EXPERTS in this world but there are
very few people who know Jesus Christ.
The world has no knowledge of God
because they don't know Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ Himself is the
WAY. If you don't KNOW Jesus and you don't FOLLOW Him, you are LOST.
You might be a Bible Expert but Jesus said:”My sheep LISTEN to My
VOICE and they FOLLOW Me.”
The world does not know right from
wrong, they don't even know to blush, they have no shame. Christians
are living in sin and wickedness and they don't even blush. They
don't have Jesus Christ and they don't have the Holy Spirit. Many of
them quote the Bible and they will tell you they have salvation but
they are LOST in their SIN and they will PERISH because they don't
KNOW Jesus Christ.
If we OBEY Jesus Christ, DO as He
commanded as is also recorded in the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and
John, if we REPENT and turn away from our evil ways and accept Jesus
Christ, be baptized in water and seek HIM, seek the Holy Spirit
INFILLING, then we will find Him. Without the Holy Spirit guiding
you, you are LOST. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ. If you
don't have the Holy Spirit and if you do not follow the guidance of
the Holy Spirit you are LOST with your Bible.
Jesus Christ is the LIVING GOD and He
guides each and every disciple bu His Spirit. If you do not have the
Spirit of Christ you do not belong to Him and you will PERISH.
There are many Bible Experts in this
world but very little knowledge of God and that is why they SIN and
they will perish in their sin if they do not REPENT and seek Jesus
Christ. If you do not get to know Jesus Christ and follow and obey
Him you will PERISH in your sins WITH your Bible. Seek Jesus NOW
while you can before it is TOO LATE, FOLLOW and OBEY Him or you will
certainly perish.
May Jesus bless you.

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