Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why Jesus gave me a second chance

It is destined for man to die once and
thereafter to face judgment. There are no second chances. Once we die
our life is over, our opportunities are over and we will face
judgment for what we have done while alive. But, Jesus Christ gave me
a second chance. I died of a heart attack and I found myself on my
way to hell, but Jesus let me come back to warn the world that HELL
People have asked me why Jesus gave me
that second chance and I asked Him. I will tell you why. It was
because I was deceived, I did not know the truth. Just like many
other believers I also believer in ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED and when I
died I thought I was saved, I thought I was going to heaven, but I
found myself on my way to HELL. I was serious about following Jesus
and I thought that I had the truth but I was believing lies. Because
I was SERIOUS, Jesus had mercy on me and He let me come back and He
TAUGHT ME THE TRUTH. After I came back I asked Jesus to guide me, to
teach me and He spoke to me in many ways.
One night I had a dream of a friend of
mine who died and at that time I did not know that this person had
passed away. I dreamed that this person came to the gate of heaven
and he said:”Lord Jesus I am here,” and a voice from the inside
said:”Who are you?” He said his name and the voice said:”Go
away, I don't know you.” I woke up in a cold sweat and I
said:”Lord, if I come to that gate, will You know me? “ because I
knew it is written, Jesus said:”My sheep LISTEN to My VOICE and
they FOLLOW Me.” And I said:”Lord I do not know your voice. I
need to know Your VOICE. Please teach me. Please teach me Your voice.
Please teach me to listen, please guide me, please show me the
truth.” And Jesus Christ has been showing me the truth. I learn
every day and I am sharing that truth with the world.
Jesus Christ ALONE is the WAY the TRUTH
and the LIFE. People look for salvation in the Bible and from other
people, they run after people whom they believe are spiritual, or men
and women of God. Man cannot help you, dear friend, only Jesus
Christ, and Jesus wants to reveal Himself to YOU and to me. He wants
us to come into close fellowship with HIM. He wants to guide us and
teach us His ways. He wants to bring us into His kingdom, make us
part of His kingdom but we have to seek Him. We have to come into
fellowship with Him.
The Bible tells us that “those who
are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God.” (Romans
8:14) Jesus says:”My sheep HEAR My VOICE.” Very few believers
hear His voice, they go after other people and they interpret the
scriptures for themselves but they do not know Jesus, they have no
knowledge of God. That is how I was and I ASSUMED many things from
what I had read and heard from other spiritual people, but we only
have ONE Leader and that is Jesus Christ. He is calling each and
every one of us to come to Him. If we seek Him, we find Him. If we
obey His words as they are also written in the gospels, Matthew,
Mark, Luke and John, if we REPENT, turn away from our wicked ways,
seek Him with all our heart, accept Him as our Lord and Master,
SUBMIT to Him, be BAPTIZED IN WATER, and SEEK Him with all our
heart, He will fill us with His Spirit, the Holy Spirit and we can be
in fellowship with Him all the time. But if we are not interested in
Him then He will REJECT US. That is why Jesus said that He will say
to many believers in that day that they die, even though they were
church people, they believed they were saved; many of them were
preachers, they thought they were men of God, they did many things in
His Name, built churches, cast out demons, healed the sick, and He
will say to them:”Go away I never knew you, you workers of
wickedness.” Because they received His gifts and they believed they
were saved, many of them spoke in tongues and therefor they thought
they had the Holy Spirit, which they did, but they never FOLLOWED the
guidance of the Holy Spirit. They never came into that close
fellowship with Jesus Christ, they NEVER FOLLOWED HIM and that is why
they will perish.
If we are not interested in Jesus
Christ and His kingdom right now and if we do not go after Him with
all that we are then He will turn us away. He will say to us:”Go
away I never knew you. You were never interested in Me. Why do you
want to come to Me now?”
I am so glad that Jesus gave me that
second chance so that I could learn the truth and today I walk in
truth because I follow Jesus and I want to stay with Him every day
until the very end. I also want to share the truth with the world and
bring many deceived souls to Jesus Christ so that they can follow HIM
alone, because He is the WAY, nobody else. Don't go after men, don't
trust in your own understanding. Seek Jesus and He will reveal
Himself to you. Seek Him with all your heart, seek Him more than
food, more than anything else, BE SERIOUS and He will reveal Himself
to you. And then STAY WITH JESUS, let Him guide and teach you every
day because without Jesus we will perish, without Jesus we can do
Seek Jesus TODAY dear friend and stay
with Him until the very end. Do not take any chances, there is NO
SECOND CHANCE. Many hope on a death bed repentance, very few people
get that opportunity. Don't take a chance, seek Jesus NOW and every
day until the very end. Stay WITH Him or else you will certainly

May Jesus bless you.

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  1. Jesus please forgive my sins. I repent of all my sins. Please have mercy on me. I'm sorry. Please give me a second chance