Monday, July 13, 2015

Faith with ACTION

Faith in Jesus Christ and His words produces IMMEDIATE ACTION in those who believe. Those who truly believe the gospel of Jesus Christ and ACCEPT Him immediately REPENT. They turn away from their old life style. IMMEDIATELY they STOP SINNING and they are BAPTIZED IN WATER, they TAKE ACTION.  They FOLLOW Jesus Christ, they are BORN AGAIN of the Spirit of God and of water and they are FILLED with the Holy Spirit. They become DISCIPLES  of Jesus Christ who are led by His Holy Spirit.

Most believers never believed. They believe that they are SAVED. They believe in SALVATION but they do not believe  in Jesus Christ. They are not changed, they are not born again because they carry on with their lives exactly like the rest of the world. They live in sin but they become RELIGIOUS HYPOCRITES who belong to churches and read Bibles and quote Bible scripture to prove their faith. By their DEEDS they prove that they are sons of the devil because they are SINNERS.

Those who truly believe in Jesus Christ are TRANSFORMED. You can see that they are children of God, the way that they live and the way that they follow and obey Jesus Christ SHOWS you that they are SAVED. They are not of this world, they belong to the kingdom of God and they are following their King.

Did you truly BELIEVE the gospel of Jesus Christ ? Have you repented, been baptized? Are you following Him? Have you become a disciple of Jesus Christ or are you just a religious hypocrite that is deceiving yourself?

Faith in Jesus Christ produces immediate ACTION with those who BELIEVED, they become DISCIPLES, the LIGHT OF THE WORLD, THE SALT OF THE EARTH, they are DIFFERENT.

What happened since you believed in Jesus Christ? Have you become a child of God or do your works show that you are a child of the devil?

May Jesus bless you.

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