Friday, July 10, 2015

Nothing can stop you

Nothing can stop us from doing what Jesus commands us to do because Jesus Christ EMPOWERS us. He gives us the authority to do what He commands us to do. The only thing that will prevent us from doing what Jesus commands is our own unwillingness or if we have not submitted ourselves to Him.

Many believers say they cannot stop sinning, it is because they are SLAVES TO SIN. They are bound by satan because they love sin. If the Son of God has set you free you will be FREE and free indeed and you ARE ABLE to do what Jesus commands you to do, Nothing can stop you. Nothing can stop you from doing what Jesus commands you to do, not even the devil can stop you. But you have to be WILLING to OBEY Jesus.

Jesus Christ EMPOWERS you to do the impossible. He told Peter to walk on water and he did walk on water because he OBEYED Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ sends you He will open the door and NOTHING WILL STOP YOU from achieving His will.

Jesus Christ is Lord and all things and all people will bow down before Him. If we bow down before Him and we follow Him then nothing will stop us from achieving what he sends us to do.

Nothing can stop you if you follow and obey Jesus Christ.

May Jess bless you.

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