Monday, July 6, 2015

Most Christian Believers will PERISH in HELL

Most Christian believers will perish in hell because they refuse to follow Jesus Christ. They KNOW that He is the WAY but they just want to BELIEVE IN HIM while they go their own way, while they live as they please, while they go after  the pleasures of the flesh and they have A LIFE.

Jesus Chris gave His life so that those who believe in Him and who FOLLOW Him  can have ETERNAL LIFE.  But most believers want to have A LIFE, they don't want to have Jesus Christ, they don't want to follow Him, they follow their own mind and therefor they will PERISH.

The only way to have SALVATION is to FOLLOW Jesus Christ because He is the WAY. If you do not follow Him you will not  find THE WAY and you will PERISH.

Believing in Jesus Christ will not save you if you do not OBEY Him, DENY YOURSELF,  pick up your cross every day and GO AFTER Him, follow Him.

Jesus Christ ALONE is THE WAY to ETERNAL LIFE. FOLLOW Him or you will certainly perish.

May Jesus bless you.

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