Saturday, July 4, 2015

The REALITY of Jesus Christ

The reason why people do nor experience Jesus Christ as REAL, why they do not know God, is because they are not seeking God, they are not seeking TRUTH. They are seeking pleasure and entertainment, always busy looking for MORE.

The desire of the flesh are never satisfied. The more you give the flesh, the more you feed the flesh, the more the flesh is UNSATISFIED and the more it wants.

It is only Jesus Christ that can satisfy. We will never be able to satisfy the desires of the flesh. we will always be unsatisfied, discontent as long as we seek to fulfill the desires of the flesh. God knows what we need, He made us and He wants to fulfill us, He wants to give us the kingdom of Heaven but if we do not seek Him we will not find Him. if we do not DENY the flesh, deny ourselves and GO AFTER Jesus Christ  we will not find Him. Jesus said:"Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and then all the other things will be added unto you. People do not want God, they don't want Jesus Christ, they want PLEASURE, SELF-GRATIFICATION, the pleasures of the FLESH, a BIGGER TV, MORE money and of course they want ETERNAL SECURITY while going after all these sinful pleasures of the flesh.  They will PERISH!

If we seek Jesus Christ we will find Him. But we have to turn away from running after the desires of the flesh. We have to turn away from gratifying the pleasures of the flesh .

You will not find Jesus Christ in front of your TV. You will not find Him in the pleasure palaces of this world. You will not find Him in more money. You will find Him when you truly seek Him, when you separate yourself from this world . Go on your knees, take time to SEEK Jesus, then you will find Him.  You will experience Him as REAL. Then you will know that having His PEACE and His approval, His presence, His REALITY in your life SURPASSES anything in this whole wide world. Seek Him and you will find Him. May Jesus bless you.

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