Monday, July 6, 2015

False Peace

Most Christian believers have FALSE PEACE and security of salvation. When you first call on Jesus Christ and you bow down before Him, maybe you repeat a sinners prayer after somebody, after you have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, then He gives you a wonderful peace and joy that you have never experienced and then people are told that they are SAVED, they are going to heaven.  But in a very short while that peace and joy leaves them and they are only left with that false peace of the people that tell them that they are SAVED, the religious people. Because they "prove" from the scriptures that if you believe in Jesus then you are saved, then you have eternal life, BUT THAT IS A LIE!

Jesus Christ gives His peace to all those who FOLLOW Him, who GO WITH Him. You only retain that peace, you only stay in that peace as long as you OBEY Jesus Christ. Most believers do not repent of sin. They repeat a sinners prayer in which they promise to live their lives to please Jesus but they never meant it and they never do it. And then that peace leaves them. Most of them believe they are saved and they have the FALSE PEACE. Others realize that they don't have that peace any more and then they start looking for Bible verses to console them, to comfort them, to give them security and then they get a false peace, a peace that comes from reciting Bible verse and from staying with the church crowd, being in fellowship with the other believers who are also deceived and they have FALSE PEACE.

Real peace comes from being WITH Jesus Christ, being IN HIS WILL. He gives us peace and joy, not like the world gives, but He gives us a peace and a joy that passes all understanding even though the whole world is in turmoil around us.  But, we have to be IN HIS WILL for that peace to be in our lives. We have to FOLLOW and OBEY Him every day. If we sin or disobey Jesus that peace will leave us and the conviction of the Holy Spirit  will come on us,  we will live in THE FEAR OF GOD. But most believers do not know the fear of God, they don't have the fear of God, they have a FALSE PEACE. And when they stand before Jesus He will say to them:"Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness." If you sin you are of the devil. If you do not obey Jesus Christ you do not belong to Him. If you do not follow Him every day and if you are not led by the Holy Spirit you cannot have HIS PEACE, you can only have FALSE PEACE, that will lead you to destruction.

You get the peace of Jesus when the Holy Spirit confirms to you that you are pleasing to Him because you DO what He tells you to do. Do you have the PEACE of Christ in your life because you are walking with Jesus or do you have FALSE PEACE like most believers do. If you do not have the peace of Jesus Christ in your life you are on the wrong road  and you will end up in hell if you do not repent and obey Jesus, and then you will have HIS PEACE that is REAL PEACE. Are you in the PEACE of Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

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