Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Moment by Moment One Day at a Time

When we read the words of Jesus Christ
as they are recorded in the gospels then we can easily become
overwhelmed and think it is impossible to live up to His standard of
devotion and obedience, but if we LIVE FOR Jesus ONE DAY AT A TIME,
MOMENT BY MOMENT and we keep our eyes on Him, then it is possible,
because with Jesus Christ ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. As long as we keep
our focus and our eyes on Jesus Christ IT IS POSSIBLE.
Believers say it is impossible to stop
sinning. Can you stop sinning for a moment, a minute, five minutes, a
day? Can you follow Jesus Christ just for ONE DAY? Then follow Him
TODAY. Today is the day of salvation. Yesterday is gone, we cannot do
anything about yesterday, but today we can live for Jesus. Tomorrow
we need not worry about, we might not even be alive, but as long as
we live TODAY for Jesus Christ and we keep our focus on Him, then we
CAN DO what He requires of us.
Do not look ahead. Do not look
back.Look up to Jesus, focus on Him, put your mind on Him, tune your
spirit in to Him. LISTEN, and He will guide you. You will hear a
voice in your ear saying:"Turn to the RIGHT. TURN to the LEFT.
Don't DO THAT." Jesus Christ will guide you if you stay focused
on Him.
Follow Jesus Christ MOMENT BY MOMENT,
ONE DAY AT A TIME and He will guide you into His kingdom.

May Jesus bless you.  

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