Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Self-Sufficient Christian

The world is full of self-sufficient
Christians. They have everything sorted out. They have their church,
they have their Bible, they know the right scriptures, they can
prove their salvation, they have their occupation. They have their
plans. They are in total control. They have their life planned and
they do things as they see fit. The only problem is that they do not
have Jesus Christ.
If we are truly Christians, disciples,
followers of Jesus Christ then we realize how absolutely, totally
Dependent we are on Him. Without Him we can do nothing. He guides us,
He teaches us. We have no plans because we walk in His plan and we do
what He tells us to do. We take the job that He gives us to do and we
live our lives to please Him. We do not quote scripture to defend or
justify our belief, we have a TESTIMONY because we WALK WITH Jesus.
He provides in our needs and He guides us every step of the way.
The self-sufficient Christian is no
Christian at all. He does not know Jesus, he doesn't need Jesus
because he himself thinks that he is God.
Are we disciples of Jesus Christ? Is He
our LIFE? Is He our everything? Or have we got it all sorted out and
planned out? If Jesus is not EVERYTHING, day to day, moment by
moment, in our lives, then He is not our Lord and Master and we do
not belong to Him.
Are you a self-sufficient Christian or
are you totally, utterly dependent on Jesus Christ for every moment
of your life?

May Jesus bless you.

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