Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Church and Bible Guilt No Godly Sorrow Modern Christian Believers

Modern day Christian churches teach
believers to be faithful in church attendance and in supporting the
church financially, to be faithful in reading their Bibles, to be
faithful in fellowship with other believers but they do not teach
believers to OBEY Jesus Christ. There is no fear of God, no godly
sorrow over sin and wickedness. They confess to be all sinners saved
by grace, they are lawless, they hate God. By their deeds they prove
that they do not know God. They do not know Jesus Christ, they hate
If we follow Jesus Christ we FEAR Him,
we HATE SIN, we only care for His approval. We care to HEAR His
VOICE, to LISTEN to Him and to OBEY Him, but modern day believers do
not know Jesus Christ. They have been captured by CHURCH. They are
the fellowship of the willful sinners that justify their sinful
lawless worldly lifestyle with Bible verse, scripture. They have no
knowledge of God they have no fear of God, they have no fear of sin,
they have no fear of the devil he is their friend. They have no fear
of God they fear NOTHING because they are ignorant.
The fear of God is the beginning of
wisdom. It causes us to turn away from sin and wickedness. If we know
Jesus Christ we will hate sin. We will have godly sorrow over our
past sins and we will not return to those sins. We will live in
holiness because without holiness no man shall see God. Modern day
Christians do not know God. They have a form of godliness, religion,
they have Bibles, they have churches, they have preachers to their
own liking that tickle their ears but they don't have Jesus Christ.
They are deceived because they are SINNERS. No sinners will stand in
the presence of God. No sinners will enter into the kingdom of God.
If you are SAVED you are SAVED FROM SIN, you are saved from the
bondage of sin, you are BORN AGAIN, the old MAN OF SIN has DIED. Then
you have been BAPTIZED IN WATER, you have buried the old man and
RISEN from that water a NEW MAN who follows Jesus Christ, who has
been FILLED with the Holy Spirit and who FOLLOWS the guidance of the
Holy Spirit, who walks in HOLINESS every day in the presence of God,
Modern day believers feel GUILTY if
they do not attend church, or support the church and they LIE about
their church attendance and reasons for not attending church. They
make excuses for not reading the Bible “enough” for not going to
church “enough” but they are not concerned about their
relationship with Jesus Christ. They are all DECEIVED.
If you are truly born again all you are
concerned about is Jesus Christ and OBEYING Him, being pleasing to
Him. You FEAR Him, you FOLLOW Him and you SERVE Him. If you do not
FEAR GOD and do not SERVE Him every day, if you do not DO what is
pleasing in His sight, you are NOT SAVED, you are LOST and you are
Do not keep company with modern day
believers, you will become like them. Seek the approval and
fellowship of Jesus Christ and then you will have LIFE. Live in
holiness, righteousness and obedience to Him every day and you will
have LIFE. Follow Jesus Christ, do not go after modern day
Christians, they are LOST.

May Jesus bless you.

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