Monday, July 13, 2015

Jesus Christ gives you the POWER

Anybody who wishes to follow Jesus Christ and have eternal life can do so IF they WANT to because if we WANT TO follow Jesus Christ He ENABLES us, He gives us the POWER.

Many people are entangled in sin, they are ADDICTED to sinful lusts and to medications and substances. They are SLAVES TO SIN and to those things that have BOUND them. But if we want to follow Jesus Christ  He will set us FREE because WHOMEVER THE SON OF GOD HAS SET FREE will be FREE and  FREE INDEED.

If we humble ourselves before Jesus Christ and we accept Him as our Lord and Master, we REPENT of our past sins and we plead Him forgiveness and we ASK Him to, He will set us free, He will make us NEW INSIDE, born again TO BE CHILDREN OF GOD and then we will have the POWER to do everything that we need to do to follow Him, to STOP SINNING to live in holiness and righteousness, to OBEY Him, but many believers say that they don't have the power. They cannot stop sinning. Either they did not REPENT, they were not serious with Jesus Christ and did not accept Him as their Master or He did deliver them from  their vices but they went back to sin and they got entangled into sin again. And that is why they are bound by  satan again, they cannot do what they want to do because they went back to their sins. They became ENSLAVED again.

We can follow Jesus Christ if we want to and He will deliver us if we seriously ask Him but if we go back to our bondage then He will deliver us (hand us over) to our lusts. He will allow us to get bound by satan again because that is what we desire, we love the pleasures of sin and then Jesus will enable us, He will let those demons loose on us because we loved our sin. That is why many Christians are entangled in sin and they cannot turn away from those things that bind them. It is because they went back to their previous life style and to their sins.

There is HOPE for those who are SERIOUS, who want to follow Jesus Christ but you need to be SERIOUS. Seek Him with all your heart and be serious. Don't think that your deliverance will be as easy as the first time around because you DESPISED the grace of God. If you come back to Jesus you will have to BE SERIOUS, you will have to FIGHT THE DEVIL, you will have to RESIST him in the Name of Jesus, you will have a fight on your hands because YOU allowed the devil back into your life and YOU will have to kick him out. Jesus will empower you but YOU will have to fight until your own power gives in and then He will give you the power to overcome satan.

It will be a struggle. It will be a FIGHT if you want to get back to Jesus Christ but Jesus will give you the power IF you are serious. If you are not serious you will perish in your sins.

There is a price and a cost to following Jesus Christ. You will have to give up the pleasures of sin and you will have to fight the devil until the very end. Jesus will empower you  but you will have to fight until the last bit of power that is left in you then Jesus will help you with His supernatural power. But don't expect Jesus to do the fighting for you. YOU will have to fight until the very end.

May Jesus bless you.

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