Wednesday, July 15, 2015


TO REPENT means to start a NEW LIFE where we turn away from SIN and SELF and we live to please Jesus Christ. 
The question is: Are we OBEYING Jesus Christ and DOING what is pleasing to Him? 
If not, I IMMEDIATELY turn away from that which is not pleasing to Him, not gradually but IMMEDIATELY. 
Salvation IS Jesus Christ, following and obeying HIM, HIS WORDS as recorded in the scriptures, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and CONFIRMED by the Holy Spirit that IMMEDIATELY CONVICTS us the moment we even think wrong. As long as we seek the GUIDANCE of the Holy Spirit, who will speak to us in our spirit, and we OBEY Him, we are SAFE. If we disobey Him, and GRIEVE Him, He will LEAVE us and we will PERISH. 
If the Holy Spirit CONVICTS us we must IMMEDIATELY repent, plead forgiveness and OBEY, then we will stay IN THE WILL OF GOD. If we listen to other people we will be confused and deceived. PRAY and ASK Jesus and He will guide you. TRUST and OBEY Him and He will GUIDE you.

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