Thursday, July 20, 2017

Foolish Familiarity

Foolish people get
familiar with God. Many religious people think that because they know
the Bible, that Jesus Christ is their equal. Many speak like Jesus is
their buddy or their little brother. They do not know Jesus Christ.
Those who know Jesus and who walk with Him, they respect Him and they
fear Him, they are always in awe of Him because He is Lord, and they
treat Him as Lord. Jesus Christ is omnipotent, He is omnipresent, He
is always with us. He loves us He cares for us but He will not allow
us to become familiar with Him. We cannot tell Him what He must do.
He is not our servant, He is not our butler. He is God. When we come
before Jesus, we do so in respect, and in awe, and in fear, because
He is God. If we treat Him with disrespect, He will not answer us, He
will disregard us because He is God. Those who become familiar with
Jesus Christ are utterly foolish, because He is God.
Humble yourself before Him
and give Him the respect that is due to Him and Jesus Christ will
reveal Himself to you. Many say that Jesus does not speak to them, He
does not answer to their prayers, it is because many of them have
become familiar, they disrespect Him, disregard Him, and many despise
Him because they've become familiar.
Jesus Christ is the King
of kings and the Lord of lords, the Alpha and the Omega, the
beginning and the end. Give Him the glory that is due to Him, seek
Him, and come before Him with awe and fear and respect and He will
answer your prayer, He will reveal Himself to you.
May Jesus bless you.

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