Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Walking with Jesus

Jesus Christ calls us, not
just to believe in Him, but to follow Him, to walk with Him. In years
gone by
there were Saints that
understood that they had to walk with Jesus and they wrote songs
like:"I want God's Way to be my way as I journey here below, for
there is no other highway that a child of God should go. Though the
road seems is steep and rough, if he leads me that's enough. I want
God's Way to be my way every day."
How many believers are
willing to follow Jesus Christ?
Many believers promise to
follow Jesus but very few follow Him. Another song is: "Follow,
I will follow Thee my Lord, every passing day. My tomorrows are all
known to Thee. Thou will lead me all the way."
Are we willing to follow
Jesus? Are we willing to go with Him? Most believers want Jesus to
fit in with their life. They want Him to come with them, but very few
are willing to go with Him. Jesus Christ is the way. If we do not
follow Him we will not have life. The path that Jesus guides us is
not always easy. It is not always pleasant, but if we are serious
about following Him we must trust Him, and obey Him. We must accept
whatever comes our way because He guides our footsteps. We must not a
murmur and complain, but we must live every day for Jesus, whether it
is an exciting day or just an ordinary mundane day, doing ordinary
things. We have to live our life for Jesus and be mindful of Him all
the time. We must be praying in our heart all day, be aware of Him,
make ourselves aware of Him of his presence, because He is always
with us.
Most believers want things
their way. They want God to do things for them. They hardly ever
pray, meaning it, saying:"LORD Thy will be done, Thy kingdom
come." The kingdom of God is about doing the will of God. It is
about walking with Jesus every day, wherever He guides us, accepting
whatever He sends our way, seeing His hand in everything that happens
with us, to us and around us. Very few believers see the hand of God.
Many of them will see demons, but they do not see God moving in their
lives. They do not see the hand of God in things happening around
them. Jesus said:"Those who are pure in heart will see God."
What do we see? Do we see the hand of God moving, or are we
dissatisfied when things do not work out according to our
expectation? Where is our mind. Is our mind on our desire? Is our
mind on fulfilling the desires of our flesh? Or is our mind on
Christ? Do we recognize the hand of God? Do we hear His voice when He
is speaking to us, or are we so occupied with our mind our own
desires, and with other people, are we so occupied with the things of
the world that we are not even aware of Jesus? We are not focused on
Him. We focused on other things.
If we want to enter the
kingdom of heaven we have to put our focus on Jesus. We have to walk
with Him every day, every moment of the day, whether we wake up in
the morning, whether we go about our daily chores, or whether we wake
up at night; whatever our situation, we must make ourselves aware of
God, because if we have submitted our lives to Jesus He will guide
our footsteps. He will teach us and He will guide us if we listen to
Him, if we stay focused on Him. But if we go after our own mind, our
own desires, and the things of the world then we will not follow
Jesus Christ. We will not do His, will we will not hear His voice we
will not see His hand, we will be walking on our own in darkness. Are
we following Jesus? Are we living our lives to please Him? Are we
walking with Jesus every day?
May Jesus bless you.

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