Monday, July 31, 2017

Good Fruit

Jesus Christ said that a
tree is known by its fruit, and the Father is glorified when we as
His children bear good fruit. If we do not bear good fruit we will
get cut off and burned. Jesus Himself is the True Vine and we cannot
bear fruit if we do not remain in Him, but if we remain in Him; we
obey and follow Him, if we become His disciples and follow Him, then
we will bear much fruit. We will produce more disciples that are like
Religious hypocrites and
those who belong to churches cannot produce good fruit. They cannot
produce disciples of Jesus Christ, they can only replicate
themselves. Bible believers make more Bible believers, Methodists
make Methodists, Catholics make Catholics, evangelicals make
evangelicals, but they do not make followers of Jesus Christ. Are we
bearing good fruit? Are we ourselves disciples of Jesus and are we
therefore making disciples of Jesus, who follow and obey Him? Does
our fruit bring glory to God? Are we bearing good fruit or will we
get cut off and burned together with the hypocrites and the false
Christians, false followers of Jesus Christ? Are we bearing good
May Jesus bless you.

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