Sunday, July 9, 2017

Understanding the Kingdom of God

The message that Jesus
Christ came to deliver was, that the kingdom of God is at hand. Jesus
preached and said:"Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand."
Very few people believed Him or understood Him. Even the Pharisees of
the time, those who were expecting the Messiah, they did not
We read in John 3 that a
Pharisee by name of Nicodemus came to Him at night and he said to Him
that unless a person comes from God he cannot do the miracles that
Jesus did; and the reply of Jesus to him was, that unless a person is
born again he cannot see the kingdom of God, neither can he enter the
kingdom of God. This Pharisee did not understand what the kingdom of
God meant. The very same many believers today, do not understand what
the kingdom of God means, that Jesus Christ is King and we have to
serve Him, as King, Lord and Master to be part of his kingdom.
The problem is that people
do not recognize the King. They do not understand that Jesus Christ
is Lord, they do not believe, and therefore they do not obey the
gospel of Jesus Christ and they do not become born-again, and they do
not understand the kingdom of God, they do not see the kingdom of
Believers and Bible
scholars read the gospel, the words of Jesus, as recorded in Matthew
Mark Luke and John; they read those words without understanding. They
do not understand what it is about. The message that is preached in
many churches today is salvation through Jesus Christ. That was not
the message that Jesus brought. Jesus brought the message of the
kingdom; that He is king and that if we want to be part of His
kingdom we have to believe in Him, obey Him, and submit ourselves to
Him as the Lord of our life. Believers do not understand the message
and therefore they do not understand the words of Jesus.
The reason why they do not
understand is because they do not believe. Jesus Christ gives
understanding to those who believe in Him and who obey Him. He
reveals Himself to them. He gives His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, in
them, to teach and to guide them. He gives them revelation of His
kingdom and they have understanding of the kingdom of God. They
understand that He is Lord, that He is God, that He is King and they
serve Him as Lord. The Pharisees did not understand the message of
the kingdom.
Very much the same today,
many believers do not understand what the kingdom of God is all
about. The kingdom of God is about the King Himself, Jesus Christ,
King of kings, Lord of lords, and if you do not obey Him, you will
not enter His kingdom. If you do not truly believe in Him you will
not receive revelation from Him. You will not understand what you are
reading in the Bible; the book will be closed to you, the kingdom of
God will be closed to you, because you do not believe.
If you believe that Jesus
Christ is Lord and you obey His gospel; if you repent and are
baptized in water and you obey the gospel of Jesus Christ, His
commands as recorded in the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,
then Jesus Christ will reveal Himself to you. He will give you
revelation of Himself and of the kingdom of God, and you will have
understanding of the kingdom of God. Do you truly believe in Jesus?
Have you submitted your life to Him? Do you obey and follow Him, and
do you have understanding of the kingdom of God?
May Jesus bless you.

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