Thursday, July 6, 2017

Most believers don't know Jesus and will perish in hell

Most Christian believers
have no knowledge of God. They do not know Jesus Christ and therefore
they will end up in hell. Jesus warned that in the day that they die
He will say to many believers:"Go away I never knew you, you
workers of unrighteousness."
It is vitally important
that we know Jesus and that He knows us, because His sheep know His
voice they listen to Him and they follow Him. He reveals Himself to
them and He gives them eternal life, but those who are not interested
in Jesus will not have life. Many believers think that they can have
salvation through Bible study, and through belonging to a church,
theology, religious activities. We need to know Jesus Christ, the
Person Himself, to enter the kingdom of heaven.
The Kingdom of Heaven is
about the King, Jesus Christ, knowing Him and Him knowing us, living
in close relationship with Him and doing what is pleasing to Him.
Most believers are not interested in Jesus. They only want salvation.
They want an assurance of salvation. They don't want to go into hell
when they die, they want to go to heaven. Others are just religious
and they want the blessings of God; they want all the good things
that God can offer them, but they don't want Jesus Christ. If we
don't have Jesus we don't have life. If we do not seek Him we will
not find Him. You do not find Jesus Christ in a church, or with
Christian friends, or in Bible study, or in religion. You find Jesus
when you seek Him with all your heart, when you put your mind on Him,
when you pray and seek Him above all things, and He will reveal
Himself to you and you will get to know Him. You get to know Jesus
when you obey the gospel of Jesus Christ; when you obey His commands
his words as recorded in the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
He commanded that those who wish to know Him, wish to follow Him must
repent. They must turn away from sin and from going after the things
of the world, after their own desires and they must go after Him.
They must turn from sin, and be baptized in water. They must seek Him
with all their heart and He will fill them with His Holy Spirit. He
will come and dwell in them. He will reveal Himself to them and they
will know Him for real.
Many only want the baptism
and Holy Spirit as a token of salvation, others want the gift of the
Holy Spirit, but they don't want Jesus Christ Himself. They don't
want to know Jesus, they are not interested in Jesus or in the
kingdom of God and that is why they will perish, because He will turn
them away. He will say to them:"Go away I never knew you."
Do we know Jesus and does He know us? Do we have a desire for Jesus?
Do we have that close relationship with Him? Are we working on that
relationship, seeking Him every day, staying with Him, obeying His
words, looking after our relationship with Jesus above all things? Do
we love Him above everything? Do we truly know Jesus and do we desire
to know Him better and more every day? If we do not have that desire
and go after Jesus then we will never enter His kingdom? We must seek
Jesus while we can. We must live for Him in this life or else we will
not know Him, neither will we be with Him when this life ends. If we
do not know Him now, He will turn us away. He will say:"Go away
I never knew you." Do you know Jesus? Do you love Him? Do you
seek Him? Do you seek revelation from Jesus? If we are not serious
about Jesus, we will not enter His kingdom. Seek Him while you can.
May Jesus bless you.

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