Monday, July 10, 2017

Procure a REAL RIGHT Relationship with Jesus Christ

Nothing is more important
for a born again child of God than to have a real relationship with
Jesus Christ, to hear His voice and to know where you stand with Him
all the time.
Sadly most professing
Christians, born-again believers, do not have that relationship with
Jesus. They base their faith and their hope of salvation on an
experience that they might have had, when they first prayed the
sinner's prayer, and they experienced the joy of Jesus in their
heart. Others received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and they speak
in tongues and to them that is the guarantee of salvation. Apart from
that they have no relationship with Jesus.
Many base their hope of
salvation on Bible scriptures, or on their church membership, but in
reality they have no relationship with Jesus. Their relationship with
Jesus is not real.
Nobody else can work on
your relationship with Jesus for you. You cannot ask anybody else to
pray to Jesus for you and to hear from Jesus for you, you have to
procure your own relationship with Jesus. You have to seek Jesus with
all your heart until you are sure in your heart of hearts, that you
know His voice. You have to work on that relationship every day until
the very end and make sure that your relationship with Jesus is real,
that it is right, that you hear from Him. You have to be certain
beyond all doubt, in your own heart, that Jesus is pleased with you.
You cannot base your faith or your hope of salvation on anything else
but your relationship with Jesus, but you have to work on it every
day until the very end.
You have to go after Jesus
every day. Seek Him with all your heart, ask Him to speak to you, to
reveal Himself to you. You must go after Jesus all the time and make
sure that you stay with Him. You have to be sure that your
relationship with Jesus is real or else you will be very disappointed
when you stand before Him and He says to you:"Go away I never
knew you." How real is your relationship with Jesus? Do you
truly know Him and do you follow Him.
May Jesus bless you.

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