Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Most believers do not really believe

God gives wisdom to all
who ask of Him. Jesus Christ will reveal Himself to each and every
person who seeks Him, but most people do not seek Jesus. They do not
seek His ways.
Most believers do not want
Jesus, they are not interested in Him. They just want salvation, and
therefore they will perish.
His sheep hear His voice.
They listen to Him and they follow Him. They wait on Him, they go
after Him but most believers are not His sheep, they do not belong to
Him. They are not serious about following Him. If you are serious
about Jesus then you will seek Him and you will find Him. He will
reveal Himself to you you will know His voice. If we draw closer to
Him. He draws closer to us. If we deny Him He will deny us. Are we
serious about Jesus? Do we know His voice and do we follow Him? Most
believers do not believe. They believe in themselves and in other
people. They rather listen to other people, they believe more in the
Bible than in Jesus. and therefor they will perish, because they do
not really believe, they are not serious about following Jesus
Christ. Are we serious about Jesus? Do we know Him? Do we follow Him?
Are we His sheep?
May Jesus bless you.

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