Tuesday, July 25, 2017

True Christianity VS Dead Religion

Most professing Christians are practicing dead religion. They identify with a church, they are practicing churchianity, they do not identify with Jesus Christ, because they do not know Him and He is not real to them.

True Christianity is about knowing Jesus Christ, the Living God, and experiencing Hm every day, serving Him in our spirit, obeying and following Him having a real relationship with the living God, having a testimony of Jesus Christ in our lives.

The true followers of Jesus Christ bring others into relationship with Jesus through their testimony because to them Jesus is alive and they can testify about Him. They can talk about Him because He is real to them. They can introduce others to Him. Their Fellowship is about sharing their testimonies and encouraging others in their walk with Jesus, encouraging others to seek Jesus, to know Him to experience Him as real, and to follow Him. If we do not have a real relationship with Jesus Christ we are only practicing dead religion and our faith cannot save us because Jesus will say to most believers:"Go away I never knew you. " They never knew Him and He never knew them.

Most believers have Bibles and they know their Bibles; they have churches and they associate with the churches and the church membership, the church leadership, but neither they nor the leadership have any relationship with Jesus Christ. They are lost. We need to know Jesus Christ for real and follow Him every day. Our relationship with Him must be real, more real than anything else, because our relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship that there can be. The moment we die, we will either be with Jesus or we will be separated from Him for eternity, because when we had the opportunity we did not seek Him. We have to seek Him while He may be found. We must draw closer to Him and He will draw closer to us. We must believe His words, obey Him and He will reveal Himself to us. It is a walk, it is a relationship that must endure until the very end.

How real is our relationship with Jesus? Do we just call ourselves Christians? Do we identify with a church or do we identify with Jesus Christ?  Whom are we following? Do we know and follow Jesus Christ, the Living God, or are we practicing dead religion?

May Jesus bless you.

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