Saturday, July 29, 2017

Safe WITH the Shepherd

Jesus Christ is the Good
Shepherd. His sheep hear His voice, they listen to Him and they
follow Him. He guides them and He teaches them, He keeps them safe.
Nothing can pluck them out of His hand
but not all sheep are His
sheep, only those who have accepted Him as their Lord and Master. Not
all sheep follow Him. Many of His sheep do not hear His voice. They
do not listen, they do not follow Him. They stray, they follow after
strangers, they follow after people and they are in danger of
hellfire because they are not with the Shepherd, they do not follow
The only safe place is to
be with Jesus, to follow and to obey Him. His sheep listen to His
voice, they follow Him and they stay with Him because the only safe
place is to stay with the Good Shepherd. Are we His sheep? Do we hear
His voice? Do we listen to Him and do we follow Him? Are we safe
because we stay with the Shepherd?
May Jesus bless you.

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