Thursday, May 22, 2014


All church organizations are inspired by satan to empower greedy self-serving individuals to control, rob and exploit simpleminded people. The tool that all church organizations most effectively use to bewitch the sheeple (sheep people), is the Bible. All churches, denominational and non-denominational, build their teachings from scriptures that they twist to suite their purpose. Many church organizations produce their own version of the Bible, with their own commentaries and interpretations – it is THEIR twisted version of the TRUTH, that they also SELL to PROFIT their church. (TAX FREE)
All registered churches are TAX FREE, government approved and controlled organizations. What makes right minded people think that satan will not tax the children of God? He will and he does. Satan rules the church through his servants, the preachers who tax the sheeple at least 10% of their earnings and they justify their robbery with verses from the Bible.
Church organizations are driven by GREED. It is all about MONEY for the benefit of the leadership.
In return for their MONEY and SERVICES all churches promise the sheeple FALSE HOPE, salvation which they themselves do not have and cannot offer. They are all SINNERS by confession and by their DEEDS, sons of the devil who take after their father.
Salvation is in Jesus Christ ALONE. NOT in a church or in a Bible. Jesus Christ MANIFESTS HIMSELF as REAL to those who SEEK HIM. He SHOWS Himself to them and they will KNOW HIM for REAL. Those who ACCEPT Jesus and OBEY Him are TRANSFORMED into HIS LIKENESS and they DEMONSTRATE that they are sons of God by their WORKS.
Through their MANIFESTATION by TESIMONY and WORKS, the sons of God bring LIGHT into the world to guide the pure in heart to SALVATION in Jesus Christ. They are LED by the Holy Spirit and do the works of God, the GREATER WORKS that Jesus prepared for those who FOLLOW Him.
Do not be deceived by empty words, fables, motivational speeches, lies from the pulpits of the enemy. SEEK the TRUTH, seek Jesus and He will MANIFEST Himself to you for REAL so that your FAITH will be BASED on KNOWING Jesus, or else you will be eternally disappointed when you die and stand before Jesus and He says to you:”Go away I never knew you, you worker of wickedness.”
Get out of CHURCH and get to KNOW Jesus for REAL, follow HIM under guidance of His Spirit not by various versions of the Bible and the teachings of men.

May Jesus bless you.

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