Saturday, May 10, 2014


The world has been deceived and perverted by the American Fake Grace Gospel. I once heard an American weatherman say this truth:”America rewards mediocrity. Everybody gets a first prize even if they are stone last.” And that is also true of the American Fake Grace Gospel.:”Everybody who believes in Jesus HAS eternal life.” - They HAVE already won the prize and now they want to have a PARTY. And that is what they do in their churches, they have a party, fellowship, dough nuts and coffee, and they celebrate their prize, eternal life, but THEY HAVE NEVER ENTERED THE RACE. That is NOT the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The gospel that saves is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus said:”Whoever WISHES to come after Me MUST deny himself, pick up his cross and come here, follow Me.” Jesus said that those who ENDURE UNTIL THE END will be saved. If you do not endure with Jesus Christ, OBEY Him and FOLLOW Him until the very end then you will not win the prize. You need to ENTER THE MARATHON and you need to run the race with endurance until the very end. Very, very FEW will make it. They once asked Jesus:”Lord are those who are being saved FEW?” and He said:”Strive hard to enter the narrow gate because many, I am telling you, will try and NOT BE ABLE.” Do not become a victim of the American Fake Grace Gospel. You cannot have the party unless you have endured and won the prize. The prize is only for those overcomers who endure with Jesus until the very, very end, those who OBEY Him, who TURN from wickedness and sin and from going after their own desires, who deny themselves, who DIE TO SIN, who are BAPTIZED IN WATER and who walk in NEWNESS OF SPIRIT being led by the Holy Spirit and DO the will of God.
Are you running the race in such a way that you ave the HOPE of winning the prize in the end?

May Jesus bless you.

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