Tuesday, May 20, 2014


The holy scriptures that were inspired by the Holy Spirit, some of which were included in the collection of writings that make up the Bible WERE WRITTEN BY FALLIBLE MEN. Those writings were translated from the original languages and INTERPRETED, once again by FALLIBLE MEN, that WERE NOT INSPIRED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT but by various other motives. If those translations and versions of the scriptures were inspired and guided by the the Holy Spirit there would only be ONE SINGLE VERSION because the Holy Spirit ONLY SPEAKS THE TRUTH.
The power of deception lies in various interpretations and applications of the scriptures and that is why there are so many church denominations, each with their own TWISTED version of the “TRUTH,” their OWN interpretation and application of the Bible.
Jesus did not send us a Book or a collection of scriptures to guide us. The scriptures only TESTIFY OF Jesus. Jesus sent us the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, the HOLY SPIRIT, to GUIDE us INTO ALL TRUTH.
The Holy Spirit IS the FINAL AUTHORITY – not ANY version of the Bible. The Holy Spirit IS the SPIRIT OF CHRIST. The Holy Spirit CANNOT FAIL but the various versions of the scriptures are UTTERLY FALLIBLE because they were PRODUCED by FALLIBLE MEN.
The TRUE FOLLOWERS of Jesus, the SONS OF GOD, do not subscribe to any version of the Bible, neither do they belong to any ORGANIZATION that calls itself a “church, ” they are LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT and they belong to Jesus Christ, their association is with HIM alone. Jesus Christ is their FINAL AUTHORITY, they SUBMIT to Him, they FOLLOW and OBEY HIM in front of whom every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.
Who is YOUR FINAL AUTHORITY? Your Bible or Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

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