Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Missing Link

Religiously indoctrinated people get excited about THEIR church, THEIR pastor, THEIR version of the Bible, THEIR salvation, THEIR new Christian book or videos or some preacher BUT they don't get excited about Jesus Christ because they haven't met Him!
If you have met Jesus Christ you get excited about Jesus and you talk about Jesus, you have a testimony that flows from your relationship with Jesus. You have INSIGHT and UNDERSTANDING of the Kingdom of God and you are continuously learning more and more FROM Jesus through your intimate relationship with Him.
Religious people keep on leaning and learning, keep on reading the Bible, keep on listening to videos, running after new teachings and they never come to the knowledge of the truth because they haven't found the truth yet, THEY HAVE A LINK MISSING! You cannot talk to them about Jesus, about the kingdom of God because they don't know Jesus. THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND.
If you have met Jesus Christ then Jesus is your LIFE, then you see His hand in everything that happens around you, your focus is on Jesus. You don't need to defend your salvation because Jesus Christ IS your salvation, He is you LIFE. The Kingdom of God IS your reality because you are SERVING and FOLLOWING your King and Master, Jesus Christ.
Have you met Jesus. Have you been LINKED to Him? Does He give you INSIGHT, WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING? Have you found the TRUTH? Have you found PEACE? Is your life HIDDEN in Jesus Christ?
Get to know Jesus? Go on your knees, SEEK Him with all your heart. Repent of all wickedness, find Jesus, get attached to Him and you will HAVE LIFE in you and you will have LIFE to share with other people. Jesus Christ IS LIFE! Have you LINKED with Jesus?

May Jesus bless you.

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