Saturday, May 17, 2014

Antichrist Bible Believers

Many people who call themselves Christians believe in the Bible but they do not follow Jesus Christ. They are Antichrist because they think that they can find their salvation in the Bible. The Jewish pharisees also stuck to the scriptures and they refused to follow Jesus Christ, they were ANTICHRIST. They were also the ones who had Him crucified because they rejected Him, they would not follow Jesus Christ. Jesus said to them:”You diligently search the scriptures, in their to find eternal life but you refuse to come to Me to have life.” They would not accept Jesus Christ.
Exactly the same, there are many who profess to be Christians but they are not followers of Jesus. They cling to their Bibles, they believe IN their Bibles but they do not believe what the Bible says. The Bible tells us to BELIEVE IN JESUS and to FOLLOW Him, to be led by the Holy Spirit but these people do not trust Jesus, they do not want Jesus, they reject the Holy Spirit, they blaspheme the Holy Spirit, they are ANTICHRIST and they will perish just like the Jewish pharisees. They will die in their sins because they were Antichrist.
Do you follow Jesus? Do you trust Him above everything? Do you PRACTICE what your Bible tells you to do? Do you FOLLOW Jesus and LISTEN to the Holy Spirit? Do you TRUST Jesus more than your own insight and interpretation of your Bible or do you also believe that your Bible is the final authority?
Are you an ANTICHRIST BIBLE BELIEVER or are you a disciple of Jesus Christ who is led by the Holy Spirit?

May Jesus bless you.

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