Monday, May 12, 2014


To those who believe in Him Jesus promised that STREAMS OF LIVING WATER will flow from their innermost being and they will never thirst again. Jesus Christ Himself will come and dwell in them. Jesus offered this living water to the woman at the well, STREAMS OF LIVING WATER that spring up into ETERNAL LIFE.
He was talking about the Holy Spirit that He gives in those who follow and obey Him. Those who have received the Holy Spirit never thirst again, they do not need anybody to teach them about Jesus. They do not need to read what others write, they have the Spirit of God living IN THEM, guiding them, teaching them. They are FULFILLED because the Spirit of God FEEDS them every day. STREAMS OF LIVING WATER flow from their innermost being, they are SATISFIED. They need nothing because they have Jesus Christ.
Have you received the Holy Spirit? Are STREAMS OF LIVING WATER flowing from your innermost, are you satisfied or are you still seeking, direction, peace? Those who have received the Holy Spirit, through whom STREAMS OF LIVING WATER flow, need nothing more, they have everything, they have Jesus Christ.
Seek Jesus with all your heart, obey Him and ask Him to give you some of that LIVING WATER and you will never thirst again.

May Jesus bless you.

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